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Poor Experience with LegalShield

Written: September 26, 2017

With all of the recent news of Equifax being hacked I still felt secure, because for the past several years I have been a member of LegalShield which provides a credit security auditing service called IDshield. Today I wanted to update my automated monthly payment from PayPal to a different credit card, so I went to login, that’s when the first problem showed up. My username and password weren’t accepted, so then I tried clicking the link for Forgot Your Password.

The form at Forgot Your Password didn’t accept my username, so now I was kind of stuck. The recourse was to phone their support line at 800 654 7757. On my first call the pre-recorded message ran for about 15 seconds, then went silent, then it disconnected me.

On the second phone call attempt I waited on hold for about 2 1/2 minutes, then was disconnected. My patience is starting to wear a bit thin at this point.

Finally, on the third phone call I did get a human to answer and they revealed that I had written down the wrong username, so once that was out of the way I could login to their web site just fine. I changed my automated monthly payment to a different credit card, then noticed that I had a dependent listed on the account, but several pieces of information were missing:

I dutifully filled out these four fields and clicked the Submit button, but was then met with an ugly error message:

Notice:ERROR: Update java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -2

Being a web developer I knew that this was a serious issue, because you never want a web visitor to fail at saving their fields. I noticed a Chat link on the web page, so clicked it and had the following conversation:

Legalshield chat

LegalShield[1:16 PM] Welcome to LegalShield!

LegalShield[1:16 PM] A Member Services Agent will be with you shortly.

Stephanie[1:16 PM] Good Afternoon. My name is Stephanie, how may I assist you?

Daniel J Payne[1:17 PM] When I try to update Dependent Information the form throws an error: Notice:ERROR: Update java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -2

Stephanie[1:18 PM] What information are you trying to update?

Daniel J Payne[1:19 PM] For my Dependent I tried to enter XXXX for the SS# last four digits, but it truncated it to XX instead. The error occurs when I enter a phone number: XXX XXX XXXX, and email: xxxx.xxxx@gmail.com

Stephanie[1:20 PM] I’m sorry about that, I can take care of updating that information for you. The SSN is correct because anytime the last 4 starts with a zero it will not show it so that is why you only see XX. Just one moment please while I update that information for you.

Stephanie[1:21 PM] Okay I have that information updated for you. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Daniel J Payne[1:21 PM] The Dependent phone number doesn’t save properly, still throwing that error message.

Stephanie[1:22 PM] I have added that number to your plan for you, it won’t let a phone number be saved under the dependent information it has to be under the named member which is completed.

Daniel J Payne[1:23 PM] Very odd, seems like a broken form to me, not exactly feeling secure.

Stephanie[1:24 PM] I’m sorry about that but the website is secure it just won’t allow for a dependent phone number to be added. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Daniel J Payne[1:24 PM] Can you please ask the web development team to remove the field for Dependent phone number?

Stephanie[1:24 PM] I will send that over for review, not a problem.

LegalShield[1:25 PM] Chat session ended.



The folks at Legalshield need to fix two things right away:

  1. Automated phone system – no more disconnects
  2. Dependent fields – if they request info, then they need to save it successfully, not throw error messages


PayPal competitor Popmoney is Here

Written: August 17, 2017

I have hundreds of web clients over the years and the vast majority of them simply write me a check when their monthly invoice arrives, however a few have ventured into using PayPal instead. Just today I received a text message from a digital marketing agency about my latest invoice, and they were paying me with something new called Popmoney.

I quickly went and did a Google search to find out if Popmoney was legitimate and then to further understand how it was different from PayPal. So Popmoney is a legitimate new company started several years ago and a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiserv, Inc. To receive my first payment from the client I had to:

Here’s the text exchange on my phone:

Popmoney text

Popmoney text

Setting up my account at Popmoney took a few minutes and was straightforward:

Popmoney activity

Popmoney activity


How is it different from PayPal? Well, with PayPal I receive a payment from a client, then I have to login to PayPal and then transfer that money into my Wells Fargo Bank account. With Popmoney the money is transferred directly from the client bank account to my bank account, so it never sits at Popmoney, which means that it is more efficient than PayPal is.

To send or request money with Popmoney there is a fee paid by the sender:

Popmoney fees

Popmoney fees

There are many competitors to PayPal, however this is the first time that a client has decided to pay me with Popmoney, so maybe it’s a growing trend or just another fad, let’s see what time tells us.

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Feel Like a Sports Star

Written: June 16, 2017

A kind word goes a long way, and I can still remember words of encouragement from my Little League coach from decades ago. So why not make your favorite sports person feel even more special with their own photo on a package of gum? Well, that’s the great idea of My Big League Chew company, located in Chicago. I’ve helped them setup their web presence and e-commerce system so that parents from around the USA can treat their sports hero to a fun gift.

Go ahead and show some kindness to the children in your life, it will pay dividends in the years to come.

Google Docs Phishing Scam

Written: June 1, 2017

I have been using Google Docs (aka Google Drive) for several years now, and it’s another easy to use, cloud-based storage where I can keep important documents for my own business or documents to share with clients and other freelance professionals. Today I received the following email message:

Google Docs scam


At first glance it looks like a legitimate email message, however the subject line includes an email address that doesn’t exist although the domain name is from my own web site.

The big, blue button for View Document links to a phishing web site that has nothing to do with Google:

Google Phishing link

Phishing Link

S0 now I know for certain that this is yet another phishing scam that wants me to click a bogus link and end up at some web site that will steal my username and password. The second clue that this email is a phishing scam is the From address:

Google phishing address

Phishing address

So, be safe today when you receive an email like this one purporting to be from Google Docs, when in fact it is really a phishing scam trying to steal your username and password instead. When in doubt about an email check for these signs:


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