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SharePoint Phishing Scam

Landing in my email inbox this morning was a respectable-looking message that had a SharePoint logo at the bottom of it, but I suspected that it may be a Phishing scheme to steal my identity. I didn’t fall for this Phishing scam by clicking the Orange button labeled Open, because of several factors: From name […]

Dropbox Phishing Scam

I’ve been using Dropbox for years as a way to save all of my Invoices and PDF user manuals in the cloud, it works across all of my devices: Laptop, iPad and Android phone. An email today was suspicious because it claimed to be from Dropbox, but ended up in my junk email folder.   […]

Email Notification Phishing

An email just came in today warning me about: Undeliverable emails to your inbox. At first glance the message looked like it was auto-generated, but I knew that my email hosting is through and nothing in this message had listed. My first response was to click on the From email field to see […]

Beware of GoDaddy Phishing Scheme

Another quick alert to an email phishing scam just received today, because it actually looks pretty legitimate at first glance.   Official logo, proper phone number, but ah, that Customer ID is just my email. Scrolling down to see the rest of the email, it looks official enough. Hovering the cursor over the Green button […]

Email phishing scam – American Express

I receive dozens of emails daily, yet I approach anything that reaches my In Box with some skepticism because there are hackers out there that want me to click an email link, then trick me into entering my login credentials on a bogus web site. Today the follow message popped into my In Box, reportedly […]

1&1 IONOS, Phishing Scam

My web site is hosted at 1&1, recently renamed to IONOS after a merger, so I pay attention to email that comes from that trusted vendor in case there’s an issue with web hosting services. Today in my Junk mail folder there was a message that had the proper blue logo colors from IONOS: Apple […]

Phishing Scam, that’s not really DocuSign

Several times per week I receive official-looking emails from what appears to be a trusted company or email sender, so today I just received an email using a From Name of “DocuSign Signature”, which is a little odd because most email messages have an actual person’s name in the from field. On first glance this […]

Apple Phishing Scheme, Beware

I’ve owned Apple products for over a decade now and so I do pay attention to emails from Apple, and this is what just came into my mailbox this morning: At first blush this appears to be an authentic email from Apple, but then my eye caught the vertical left line in the email body […]

Beware of this Quickbooks Phishing Scheme

I’ve been using Quicken software for decades now to run my business and personal financial tasks, so today when I received an official-looking email from Intuit Quickbooks I took notice. On the surface this looks a bit legitimate, yet when I probe to view the email from address it shows something invalid:   The final […]

Google Docs Phishing Scam

I have been using Google Docs (aka Google Drive) for several years now, and it’s another easy to use, cloud-based storage where I can keep important documents for my own business or documents to share with clients and other freelance professionals. Today I received the following email message: At first glance it looks like a […]