When you use Facebook it is an easy and intuitive way to post your ideas, photos, links and create discussions on the web. Facebook is a type of Content Management System for social networking.

In the early days of the web you would need to find a webmaster or web developer to create your web site and make any updates to the pages or layout. Hiring a webmaster or web developer for each and every change that you want to make can quickly become costly and consume too much of your marketing and advertising budget.

There is a better way to make changes to your web site and today we recommend that you consider using a Content Management System (CMS). There are several excellent CMS tools that are worth considering:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal
  4. Concrete5

CMS tools are so popular that virtually every week a new one is announced to the marketplace. Fortunately for us we have a very clear front runner in CMS tools and that is WordPress.

WordPress as a Content Management System


We recommend WordPress as the CMS of choice today because it’s:

  • The most popular CMS in the world
  • Designed to be simple to learn, easy to use, and extendable
  • Based on layout templates, with thousands of free templates to choose from
  • The layout can look like anything using a custom template
  • Useful for both web pages and blog posts
  • Extendable with new features, called plugins
  • The software is Open Source and provided free
  • Updates to the software happen frequently making it more robust

Using WordPress

From your favorite web browser? login to WordPress and edit your Pages with a graphical editor as shown below:

Content Management Systems

Migrating to WordPress

Many companies have a static web site that is custom built and requires a webmaster or web developer to make updates. We can migrate your site to WordPress so that you can make all of your own updates using any web browser.

To get started, request a quote for migrating to WordPress.

Custom Themes for WordPress

Maybe you already have a WordPress site and want the look to be changed. We can customize your existing theme to make it look the way you prefer. Request a quote to customize your WordPress theme.

Page Builders

Starting with WordPress 5.0 the concept of page builders was adopted in standard WordPress, although many earlier companies offered Plugins to allow you to layout a page in a very flexible way, without relying upon a Theme for layout. We have experience using all of the most popular page builders:

You have many choices when it comes to how you use WordPress to edit your own pages, we also provide tutoring services so that you can quickly learn from an expert.