Daniel Payne has been developing commercial web sites since 1995 and programming since 1975. In his corporate days he designed computer chips at Intel and marketed high-tech software at Mentor Graphics. Earning his BSEE at the University of Minnesota in 1978 he then moved to Oregon and has also lived in: Massachusetts, Idaho and California.

Daniel’s passion is to improve your business productivity by automating time-consuming manual tasks into push-button web flows that make sense to you and the business that you run.


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Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne, Owner

Another joy of my life is photography and I often snap family photos, nature and what I see on bike rides.

Christianity has given my life deep meaning, direction, identity, hope and purpose.  My favorite music is classical and I really enjoy composers like: Mozart, Handel, Haydn, Bach and Vivaldi.

Every 8 weeks I donate blood at the American Red Cross reaching 9 gallons in lifetime giving.

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