Your business today may accept credit cards, checks and cash payments from clients in person or over the phone. E-commerce is enabling your web site to take an order and accept a payment, typically with a credit card or PayPal, then alert you with details about the new order.

credit cards or PayPal


Customers want to know that their credit card details and personal information are kept secure while visiting your web site. To ensure the security of this information requires that your web site use a technique called encryption. With encryption the sensitive information is scrambled before it is sent across the Internet, which is one way to stop malicious viewers from seeing and stealing the information. Your web site should have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to protect your pages with financial details. In your web browser a secure page will have an address that starts with https, while a regular or unsecured page will have an address that starts with http. Many web browsers also show a visual lock icon when the page is secured.

Secure Page

Shopping Carts

At a grocery store we all use the familiar shopping cart. Online there is an analogous shopping cart where customers place your products into their virtual cart.

PayPal Shopping Cart

If your business has just a handful of products then consider using the shopping cart from PayPal.

PayPal add to cart

With PayPal you can customize the look of your shopping cart with a logo from your business.

PayPal shopping cart with a custom logo

This customized logo will reinforce your company brand and keep the customer feeling like they can trust this transaction. Once at PayPal a customer can pay with credit cards or PayPal, they do not have to sign up with PayPal or create a new account.

Custom Shopping Carts

The ultimate shopping experience for your customer is one where they can easily and quickly add products to their cart, view the cart contents, checkout with a credit card, and receive an email confirmation for their order. To achieve these goals consider a custom shopping cart that uses your brand during the entire ordering and checkout process.

Here are several examples of custom shopping carts:

Commercial Shopping Carts

There are many shopping carts offered that can be integrated quickly into your web site. We’ll help you choose the proper cart based upon the number of products you have to sell, how many variations your products use, shipping options and your merchant account.

Commercial shopping carts offer you a lower cost than a custom shopping cart, however they provide less flexibility in terms of appearance and typically are missing the features that are specific to your business and industry.

We recommend Cart66 and WP eStore for smaller sites and WooCommerce for larger sites:

If you already own a commercial shopping cart and want to continue using it then we can help customize it to better suite your needs and fit the look of your site.

Should you need to migrate your products from one cart to another then we can help automate that process or just move the products for you.

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