Many companies accept credit cards by swiping the card or typing in the credit card number over the phone. With a merchant account these payments get deposited into your bank account, less a processing fee.We can add online payments to your web site using many of the most popular providers. If your preferred vendor is not listed then contact us and we’ll consider adding them.


Customers want to know that their credit card details and personal information are kept secure while visiting your web site. To ensure the security of this information requires that your web site use a technique called encryption. With encryption the sensitive information is scrambled before it is sent across the Internet, which is one way to stop malicious viewers from seeing and stealing the information. Your web site should have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to protect your pages with financial details. In your web browser a secure page will have an address that starts with https, while a regular or unsecured page will have an address that starts with http. Many web browsers also show a visual lock icon when the page is secured.

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