When a visitor browses your web site we often want to offer them an email newsletter which has information of value. Capturing their email name is important so that they can be added to your list automatically, and if need unsubscribe automatically.

There are many excellent companies that offer email management systems. We will integrate your web site with any of these email systems or your preferred email system.


When a visitor sees the form on your site asking for an email address and supplies it, that is called opt-in. Typically this will cause a confirmation email to be sent to their address requesting that they click a link to activate their subscription. When they click this link it is called double opt-in. This ensures that the name was not spoofed by someone else and is a good practice to use.


When an email subscriber decides they no longer wish to receive your email updates they can simply click a link at the bottom of the message to unsubscribe, also called opt out. Your email system will automate this task so that you don’t have to keep track of who has opted out. Once they have opted out then they will no longer receive future emails from you.


If an email message cannot be sent to a subscriber then their email server will bounce back a reply to the sender. Your email system will track these bounces, which typically mean that your subscriber has changed email addresses and forgot to update you. It makes sense to try and contact these subscribers by telephone or mail to get their updated email address so that they can continue to receive your news.

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