Realtors want to make looking for or selling your next home easy and automated, so there are systems available that allow me to integrate live MLS information into your existing web site. The benefit is that your real estate clients can visit your web site and quickly find the homes available for sale in the new neighborhood that they want to live in. On your end it’s a process of:

  • Signing up with an MLS provider
  • Provide your realtor credentials
  • Pay a monthly fee

I recommend working with iHomeFinder.


I’m able to style the MLS info from iHomeFinder to blend in perfectly with your existing web site, colors, fonts and layout.

You can also work with your web visitors to:

  • Ask for registration
  • Manage subscribers
  • Manager sellers
  • Review leads
  • Review listings
  • Create hot sheets for specific neighborhoods

Give me a phone call and lets get started with your real estate web site today.