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Clever and deceiving phishing email

I can usually just glance at an email and tell you that it’s a fake, phishing email, however this morning a very clever message appeared, claiming to be from IONOS:

IONOS phishing

The colors used in the mail, the fonts and the wording all looked like a legitimate IONOS email message.

What tipped me off that this was a fake message was that the From address is not, instead it’s my own email,

The second sign that this was not a real message was the opening Hello line, because it didn’t use my First and Last name.

The account number listed was random, not my actual account number. The contract number was also bogus.

The final clue was the link for LOGIN didn’t include

There you have it. When an official-looking email comes in, do a little detective work and be vigilant against imposters posing as a real business. Only click an email link that you are 100% certain is legitimate.

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