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An Old Site gets New Life

A local business owner phoned me to work on updating his old web site, and the issues were:

  • Adobe Flash Player is no longer support
  • Site was not mobile friendly
  • Content was outdated

I recommended that the site be rebuilt using WordPress, the number one Content Management System in the world, and is mobile friendly. He agreed and I rebuilt the site. Here are the before and after comparisons.

The main banner image with the logo and globe were reused, and the text was broken up into two columns, making it more readable. A responsive theme was chosen in WordPress, allowing visitors to browse on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices. Even the photographs on the site were updated with more recent examples.

Adobe Flash was an early attempt at adding motion, animation and even video players in a web site, however Apple never supported Adobe Flash, then eventually every browser company withdrew support for Adobe Flash, leaving many sites like this one in a broken state. Today we have updated web standards like HTML5, CSS and powerful libraries like jQuery to add motion, animation and video players to a web site. If your site is using outdated web technology, then give us a call for a quote on how to migrate you to something that both looks and works well for visitors on any device.

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