Written: November 9, 2014

Learning about e-commerce

Most businesses have decided to offer online customer shopping of their products and services, something that we call e-commerce. Today there are literally dozens of ways to get your online shopping up and running. With WordPress having some 70,000,000 users it has become the number one Content Management System (CMS) in the world, so that has attracted top-notch e-commerce vendors to offer many choices for WordPress web sites. I’ve invited a speaker on this topic to present at the November 24th meeting of the Portland WordPress Meetup group.

Portland WordPress Meetup



In this WordPress MeetUp we will explore developing an e-commerce website using the popular and free Woo Commerce plugin. Shipping options, bulk discount and the various Woo Commerce Product settings will be covered along with incorporating the Shopping Cart pages into your website.


As with her previous popular presentation, “Safeguarding Your WordPress Clients,” Mary Ann will make time for questions at each step in the process and include opportunities for group discussion. After the presentation, slides will be available on a link to Prezi, but you will gain much more by attending in person.

Speaker Bio 
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner is the President of Waterlink Web LLC, a Portland-based website design and development company focused on the needs of small and medium sized businesses. In addition to building successful websites, she tends honeybees, volunteers in her community and is always engaged keeping up to date in this every evolving field.

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Bad Checkout Experience

I love gizmos and when I found a new Linux-based computer for just $35.00 I had to get one, it’s called the Raspberry Pi:

The company that builds the computer sells through resellers, so I selected to buy from a company called Element 14. Checkout went just fine until I had to confirm my shipping preferences and then I got a 403 error and had to contact the support team 800 number in New Jersey.

First question from tech support, “Have you cleared your browser Cookies recently?”

My reply, “Uh, no, and what does that have to do with anything?”

Support, “What browser are you using?”

“Google Chrome”, I said.

“OK, try a different browser”, she said.

“Hmm, I will give it a try. OK, that’s working with Safari.”, I replied.


If you have an e-commerce site, make sure that it works in all standard browsers:

If you don’t test all browsers then you will make customers upset, and then they don’t come back for more business or they take up your support time.


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One response to “Bad Checkout Experience”

  1. Daniel says:

    Good news, my Raspberry Pi arrive on Wednesday so I’ve been spending time getting the wireless keyboard and mouse connected. Another blog to come when I get the Pi to control my Canon 5D camera with WiFi.

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