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Phishing scheme, that’s not really Norton

Some email phishing messages want you to click a link or a brightly colored button, but today I received a phishing email that wants you to phone a number. I don’t have any subscription with Norton, so that was my first clue that this email was fake. Secondly, I clicked on the From address, which revealed that the sender was, so that free email address is certainly not from the real Norton which would be

Other clues to make this email stand out as fake, are the fact that my First and Last name are not used, nor is there any account number displayed. A legitimate vendor always addresses you by First and Last name, plus your account number is shown. The entire message has only three words of text, while the remainder is a screenshot. A real Norton email would have plenty of actual text, and the only JPG image would be the corporate logo.

Stay alert, be vigilant, don’t let these phishing emails get you to click a link or dial a phone number.

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