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Sophisticated but Fake Phishing Email

In running my web development business I daily read my email messages and respond to clients, and track all payments and invoices. Today I received email from a web hosting vendor IONOS, and it looked on the surface totally legitimate.

IONOS phishing
Phishing email message

The message From name was proper, IONOS Customer Service. The logo was proper, but then I got suspicious, as the grammar seemed incorrect. What really gave this Phishing email away was the From address: Another difference is that the real IONOS uses my entire name: Dear Daniel Payne. The phishing message has a fake Customer ID, and fake Contract Number. The message subject also does not match the legitimate IONOS subject line.

Be vigilant when an invoice email message arrives, because the bad actors want us to click that deceptive link: View Invoice, then steal our login credentials. The white collar criminals are steadily becoming more deceptive in their emails, so it’s really up to us to be wiser and question each email message. Yes, it takes more time, but it’s the price we pay for open communications by email.

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