Written: July 11, 2019

Beware of Mail from CPS Filings

I’m busy running my LLC each day, probably like you, and I get to open my mail to find out if there are any new bills. Well, one just caught my eye addressed from C.P.S. in Salem. Hmm, I know that Salem is our State Capital and that my annual LLC report is due, but that isn’t until September.

This bogus letter requests that I pay C.P.S. $185.00 to file my annual $100.00 report. Their web site address is listed as www.cps-filings.com, so what did I browse at their site?


OK, so now I’m 100% certain that this is yet another bogus company trying to collect a fee for something that I already do by myself and for a lot less. Rest In Peace to C.P.S or whoever is scamming at 2755 Commercial St. SE, Ste. 101-260.

It pays to be alert and question when a new mail requests something fishy, because it probably is fishy.

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    • Daniel Payne says:

      Stephen, So glad that you didn’t fall for the CPS filing scam, good for you.

    • Helena says:

      I just inc. A business and i got a letter asking for 275.00 for OSHA is this fake guys? And I notice theres no number to call

      • Daniel Payne says:

        Helena, when I filed for an LLC there was no letter from OSHA. Any official OSHA letter would come from the United States Department of Labor, so your letter sounds like another scam.

        • A D says:

          CPS Filing Services sent me a form and asked for $100. It said I had 60 days from the date in the letter, so I put it aside. I was just about to fill out my check when it didn’t sit right with me. I’m glad I searched it – thanks!!!!

          • Lisa SF says:

            Thank you for saving me as well on this scam. CPS Filing services asked me for $120, … $250 late fee may apply! I appreciate you writing this SCAM so others can be safe. Bless You!

    • Lynne says:

      Thank you guys so much for posting this. The letter looked suspicious to me too and I looked up the address and your thread came up. THANK YOU!

      1026 Florin Rd., #312 in Sacramento, CA – UPS store PO Box!

      • Ana says:

        This is awesome for you to share! I just got the “C.P.S.” Letter and I questioned it because I’m no longer an LLC company and I remembered clearly that the cost was only $20 and it’s due very two years.
        I read every single word and then came across two things that automatically should tell you it’s a scam.
        1. To utilize this service….please respond today!

        This was similar to a company that was trying to scam me on my student loan. They want to charge you to do and process your paperwork. The way they go about it it’s not okay.

      • Ewa Gosek says:

        Thank you for information . I had letter asking for $120.00 but phone 916 2443826 has voice explaining they are not goverment and I can click 1 to be removed from their mail. Wl they made few mistake in the form a d that is phishing and scamming.

        • Elizabeth says:

          Ijust got this mailing today. Glad to find this thread, it had an old address for me on the form, so I figured it was not legit.

          • Daniel Payne says:

            Elizabeth, glad to hear that you didn’t fall for the CPS Filings scam.

          • Katya says:

            I received a letter from them today and was asked to pay $120, though I remember a filing fee $20 every 2 years. I checked the official website and the status of my LLC and it is too early to file statement of information for my company. Now you need to research on every mail you get not to get scammed.

          • Daniel Payne says:

            Katya, Good instinct to not pay CPS anything.

        • Kenny Wong says:

          Thank you for this post confirming the SCAM, the form looks so official. I filled out the form and was about to write the check for $160 it was asking for the filing service but hesitated about the Payable to “C.P.S.” which doesn’t make sense with abbreviation. So I looked online and found this!

    • Chris Jackson says:

      Thank you for posting this. I received a letter from CPS yesterday. Nice to see people sharing information regarding a bogus company. Have a great day!

  2. Judy Cummins says:

    In Indiana, the filing fee is $30.00. I received an offer from them to handle it for $125.00. I also googled the address and it is a UPS Store in Indianapolis. Suite E#109 my ass. I think I will utilize their return envelope and send them…nothing. Wish it was postage paid.

  3. Kathy Sims says:

    I got the same letter where they had our old Executive Director name and an old address. The letter said if we didn’t timely file and send a check for $120 today we could be fined a $250 late fees. Now I read everything I get and having done statements of information before for my church I knew right away it was a scam I also googled the address and it is a ups store, what these scammers are trying to get more clever in getting money from people.

  4. TedF says:

    Yep, in CA, too — C.P.S.
    Looks like they sent a copy of a prior statement of information I already filed with the SOS, and they’ve asked me to sign it and send a check for $120. It’s usually $20… or I think now it’s even free when you do it online.

  5. Steven Kaplan says:

    Same s@#t just happened to me:$160 requested for filing which is due much later in the year. (The scammers suggest 8/23 as a dead line.) I googled them up, turns out CPS stands for Children Protective Services only.How legal are they?

  6. Dacy says:

    Thank you for posting the warnings. I also just received the Statement from them asking to sign and pay $120 for filing the Statement of Information , which is due on next year February. It usually costs $ 20. Yes , and they are threatening with $ 250 late fee :).
    The return address shows CPS Filing Services 1026 Florin Road 312 , Sacramento.

  7. Jessica says:

    I just got the same thing from cps-filings.com Told me I had to pay $120 now or $250 later in late fees. No real valid website so I questioned it. Thanks everyone for your comments! Makes me sure that this is scam material.

  8. Renee says:

    I just received a notice from them stating I owed $125 by 9/20/19. Weird thing is, it was sent to my home address and not the PO Box where the biz mail is sent. Also the fee is more than $100 more than is actually due. SCAM!


    I got the same letter from CPS Filing Services with a 4348 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816 address asking me to pay $125.00. How can this be stopped?

  10. R Casey says:

    Thanks for posting this so there is a place to confirm this mail is a fraud.

  11. Giovanny Guerrero says:

    On August 26,2019 received a bill from CPS FILING SERVICES, requesting a payment of $275 FMCSA regulations requirements. It show send payment to 614 S. 4th St.#615, Philadelphia, Pa 19147. II suspected it was a scam. People be careful.

  12. Ray Boreham says:

    I got the same letter. Is there anything we as potential victims can do about this, since it is a complete rip-off? I called the number on the letter and the recording actually makes it come off like a legitimate business, which obviously it’s anything but.

  13. CLARISSA M EMAYO says:

    i got a letter from them too and have never seen one like this before!! i’m in hawaii, so we’re getting it over here as well. good thing one of my clients thought to ask me if she should pay it or not. i hate this stuff!!

  14. Esther says:

    Just got one from them requesting $275.00 with a deadline of 9/27/2019.
    How did they even get my company’s email address, phone # and address ?

    • Daniel Payne says:

      Welcome to the wonderfully, unregulated world of data-mining, where most of what you file as a business or corporation is being scraped and then resold to sketchy companies like CPS Filings.

  15. Ginger says:

    Thank you!!! I almost paid it!

  16. Leslie says:

    Cleaver little scam but I didn’t fall for it. They are asking $275 for OSHA filing for my business.

  17. Cynthia Lewis says:

    I just got a letter from them today, and I figured it was a scam…then I looked them up online, and my guess was right!! Before I started my LLC I did ALOT of research about what steps I needed to take, and ‘CPS’ DEFINITELY wasnt one of them!!!!!PLEASE, DON’T ANYBODY FALL FOR THIS!!!!

  18. Monika says:

    Thank you all for sharing! I just registered my LLC and also got letter from CPS Filing Services demanding $275 for preparing and providing written safety plan required by OSHA for my firm. I almost fell for it until I Googled OSHA regulations (which are FREE documents anyone can print out), then I Googled CPS Filing Services and got my answers from you guys! BIG THANKS EVERYONE!!

  19. Shon says:

    Another one in Indianapolis. I notified The Mailing Station at 5868 E 71st St, Suite E. I told them that they are doing business with a company that is likely committing mail fraud and they should consider no longer doing business with them. Their form does say that they are not a government agency, so I suppose they may be technically operating within the law, but it’s definitely a slimy way to do business and scamish to say the least. “CPS Filing Services” lists #109 as their box at the Mailing Station. I wish I could do a stakeout and see who’s getting mail from 109. Thanks for this blog post. Hopefully most people will find this before sending money.

  20. Davey Wheeling SR says:

    I received the same letter asking me to pay $275. Today.
    Here’s the phone number that’s on the letter
    Here’s the address that’s on the letter as well.
    5614 Connecticut Ave NW #190
    Washington, DC 20015
    This letter is being shredded as I type this.
    Be real careful of these scams.

  21. Sheila says:

    We also received a Biennial Statement for NYS LLC. The fee they require is $100 but NYS site states $9. What a SCAM !!!

    What can be done to stop them ?


    I just received mailing fro CPS for my NJ LLC. I was suspicious because the annual amount has always been $50; CPS is requesting $160 and when I attempted for file my annual report online as usual, thankfully information came up about their scam.

  23. Patrice Mason says:

    Thank you all so much! I was actually about to pay. I just got my LLC and cps-filing sent me a letter to pay $275 for a safety plan from OSHA. SMH. This is so sad. Thank you all again!!

  24. Buren Kommedal says:

    Same deal here, please send check for $160 to CPS Filing Service, 1977 North Olden Avenue Ext #650, Trenton NJ 08618.

    Total BS! Looked quite legit, I have to say, but did not feel right. Filing happens directly at the State Gov. website, so I knew this was off. Don’t fall for it!

  25. Deborah says:

    I knew something was fishy when the last time I received paperwork I was given the option to process my paperwork and pay the fee online at the California State site. Low and behold that option didn’t appear on the letter from CPS. However, the letter look legit.

  26. VIVIAN MARONI says:

    I received one here in Sacramento, Ca I almost fell for it. Then I checked it out and became suspicious of the form. Very official looking document. Thanks for posting!!!

  27. Bridget says:

    I too received a letter from “C.P.S.” At first when I googled the company acronym I was getting child protective services. Then I searched the address and its a UPS store that has PO Boxes but with a street address. (I know because I have one.) C.P.S. 5614 Connecticut Ave NW #190 Washington, DC 20015 – I knew then it was a scam. I just registered with the state of GA and have not yet received confirmation for my LLC. This letter from the scammer was not for registration – it was titled “2020- Safety Plan Order Form” in regards to OSHA regulatory requirements. They wanted $275! Thanks for the post. Just validated what I was thinking.

  28. Alan says:

    I have an LLC in Hawaii and received one of these CPS letters wanting $145.00 to file. I have already filed for 2020 and only cost $13.00 on line for this state. I knew something wasn’t right when it states they are not a government agency. DAAA right there you are not providing any info. Thanks, Stephen for starting this alert.

  29. Kanani Akana Kealoha says:

    I just got 2 in the mail from C.P.S. for my husband and I…I have never done this before and they are requiring that I mail $145.00 ASAP!! Then I read the fine print that says”this is not a Government Agency and they are providing a service, etc, etc”. Total Bogus..in Hawaii we file right on line for a minimal fee!!!
    I guess people have nothing better to do then scam unsuspecting businesses…

  30. It’s not a scam… it’s just capitalism at it’s very finest. The company doesn’t appear to be registered with any secretary of state in any state… and it’s addresses are all PO boxes. In their defense, at least they answer the phone – though the person who answered couldn’t tell me what CPS stands for. LOL. “Just letters” she told me. Ummm… OK. Well, they are trying to gauge unsuspecting business owners for funds ranging from $100-$275 for filings ranging from $9-$35 with your Secretary of State. Do not be fooled – you don’t need them to file for you. Check locally for a legit filing service if you need help. I’d personally like to thank them for reminding my that my filing is due. I’ll save their notice for my immediate reference – but I ain’t paying them to do anything for me. #Scandalous

  31. Paul Docktor says:

    so where should this scam be reported to?

  32. Shelby says:

    TLDR: Have business outside home = print these forms out yourself for free from OSHA websites for inspectors. Work in home = do not need forms and no inspections. Either way, you do not need to pay C.P.S.

    Just received this today! It said that for Georgia I need to send $275 to them.

    I called OSHA and they directed me to my region’s business care side. The OSHA representative said that this is just a business trying to make a quick buck. If you send them the money then they just print and laminate the specific OSHA laws and mail them to you all nice and pretty. But you can do this yourself for FREE!

    If you have employees OR your business is operated somewhere other than your home then it is the law (just like how CPS says) that you have to have physical print outs of specific OSHA laws in plain view. But, you can go to the OSHA website to look up these specific terms FOR FREE and print them out yourself. These need to be posted in your workplace and will be checked when the inspector comes. So you do need these forms, but again, you can do this all for FREE by yourself!

    If you work out of your home and do not have employees, then you do NOT need to have these printed or posted since they do not inspect homes that have small businesses running from inside them.

    When in doubt, call OSHA yourself at 1 (800) 321-6742 and hit 4 for FREE legal/business consultations and they’ll transfer you to your region for legal assistance; or visit their website. They were super helpful and nice to me. They hear about this specific thing all the time.

    TLDR: Have business outside home = print these forms out yourself for free from OSHA websites for inspectors. Work in home = do not need forms and no inspections. Either way, you do not need to pay C.P.S.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  33. Shelby thurman says:

    Thank you everyone for posting all of this that way I wouldn’t get scammed since this is my first ever business! I appreciate all of it!

  34. If you read the fine print it does say that C.P.S. is not affiliated with a government agency. However, that doesn’t make it any less of a scam, since the way it’s presented is misleading, it looks like a legal document, and they’re counting on the fact that a lot of people won’t bother to read the fine print. Besides, why would you need help filing an annual report? Your state sends you the legitimate form, you fill it out, send in a check and you’re done.

  35. Charles Yoon says:

    I was so close to sending this company the money for the filing for a LLC statement of information filing in california. So deceiving since they do not mention at all that they are a 3rd party company! I want to find an attorney to file a class action law suit against these scum bags.

  36. Sandy says:

    I was very close to sending this scam $120.00 to file a the California fee for an LLC, until I tried to do it online with the State of California. After searching CPS on-line I found this web-site. Read the fine print on the “Form.”

  37. Louis says:

    What a rip-off. It’s 9.00 dollars to file for LLC in New York. They wanted me to send them 100.00. When I called the # to ask why they hung up.

  38. Chas says:

    Just got a letter from CPS. I live in Oklahoma. The address they gave is in Oklahoma City, the state capitol. sounds official. But the street address is a UPS store. They want to charge me $125 to do what I can do for $25. No, thanks!

  39. Michelle says:

    I just got a letter from CPS as well – Indiana. The address is 71st Street in Indianapolis and asking for me to contact them and pay $125. This isn’t even the time I file, so I just went online to check my business entity report to renew and it said I am still over 90 days out before renewal. Be aware. It was strange to me, and then I looked this up online and found this conversation.

  40. Lynne says:

    I can’t even believe they are allowed to do this. Frustrating. I called the UPS Store where they have their po box here in Sacramento and they did nothing about it. 🙁

  41. PATTI EVANS says:

    I just received a letter from CPS and like everyone else they requested $125.00 for a $25.00 annual fee.

    Salinas CA

  42. Always Suspicious says:

    In Hawaii during April, our Annual Report costs $14. We get renewal reminders by email from info@ehawaii.gov

    Below is regarding we received a notice dated 2/24/2020 (Respond by 03/27/2020)

    “Hawaii laws require every limited liability company authorized to transact business in the state shall deliver to the director for filing an annual report…”

    “If you do not file an annual report, you may be at risk for penalties.”


    Mail the completed for with $145 in the enclosed envelope to:
    4348 Waialae Ave. #700, Honolulu, HI 96816
    Further assistance: Call (808) 999-7529

    Price includes state fee and C.P.S. processing fee.

  43. Florin says:

    Thank you for this topic and thanks to those who wrote comments.
    Because I had an intuition that the envelope that I got from C.P.S. is a scam.
    I typed in Google: “Is C.P.S. Trenton, NJ a scam ?” and here I am !
    To insert an useful input, different from the useful things mentioned by others:
    A time ago I had a discussion at telephone with clerk from New Jersey’s government, and they told me that 90 days before one year since the registration of my business, they will REMIND me that I have to fulfill my report. That would mean the second half of April. While being reminded, they will expect that report when the year is full (July, in my case).
    The form from C.P.S. was dated February 24 !

  44. TBB US says:

    Got my letter from C.P.S. 1026 Florin Road #312, Sacramento CA 95831 with a request for $120 payment. So glad to find this site, thanks everyone for your input. The envelope says “THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT” and the back of the letter on the bottom says “THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED OR ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY, AND THIS OFFER IS NOT BEING MADE BY AN AGENCY OF THE GOVERNMENT.

  45. Lynne says:

    For sure TBB. That’s the same one I received it from. I called the UPS Store that houses their post box to let them know and they didn’t care whatsoever. Shameful!

  46. Gary Taylor says:

    I am in California and received a similar letter from CPS.The layout an print seemed odd and the document a little longer than what I recall it looking. I am going to include the letter when I actually send my statement to Sacramento.

    • Michele Galbreath says:

      I to receive a letter from a C.P.S from Trenton,NJ and this letter came on April 8,2020. giving me 10 days to reply by 4/17/2020
      for $160.00 this did not sit right with me from the state. We do ours on line with a password. They want you to send a check. Don’t go for this Scam.

  47. Paula Handra says:

    I just got one this week in CA.

  48. JY says:

    Just got one today and reported to FTC regulations to stop these scammers. Please do the same to make these felons stop.

    • L says:

      Same here! Almost fell for it, now I will report it to FTC. So glad I took the time to read the fine print and look online.

  49. Cody Matherne says:

    I just opened my letter from these dirt bags and knew something wasn’t right. Typed the address in the URL and this is the first thing that came up. If only these losers and all the others out there worked as hard at a real job as they do at trying to scam hard working members of society

  50. L. Kendall says:

    I receive an official notice from the State of NJ each year on April 1. It says I must file my annual report by June 30. I get a letter from C.P.S every year and the due date on their paperwork is always before the end of March, sneaky bastards. If you file directly on the state’s website, the fee is $75 a year, which is bad enough. C.P.S charges $160! Don’t be fooled.

  51. John says:

    So in the event that you fall for this and send payment in, what can one do to try and recover those funds?

  52. Sanjay Amladi says:

    Not sure why the BBB or IRS does not go after this scamster and hold them accountable for sending out fake letters to unssuspecting business owners, inspite if several complaints to BBB. It is very concerning that these guys are allowed to operate unchecked for years.

  53. Stephen J. Young says:

    Just received a notice for NJ annual report asking for $160. Didn’t look right and found your postings. Thanks.

  54. Otheo K Muse says:

    Just got this letter from C.P.S. on 5/18/2020 I have to say that it’s a very good letter and if your in business and want to stay on top of your company’s bill’s you would just send the check. Something told me to check on line or call the state too see if this was a real state issued letter. Glad that I didn’t But I enjoy playing the game and I will be sending them a special check. Be careful always call the state department that you live in for confirmation before sending a check.

  55. I received the same letter from C.P.S. This is what my state has informed for LLC’s…

    Department of State
    R. Kyle Ardoin
    Secretary of State
    P.O. Box 94125
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125
    Tyler Brey
    Press Secretary
    March 31, 2020
    BATON ROUGE, La.—Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin is alerting business owners of
    fraudulent letters being mailed to businesses indicating an “annual report renewal” The letter
    directs owners to mail payments in the amount of $125 to C.P.S. THIS LETTER IS NOT
    should be immediately discarded.
    In past years, Commercial Division customers have also received correspondence from
    Corporate Records Service, Louisiana Corporate Compliance Business Services and
    Corporate Compliance Company. These companies are also not affiliated or associated with
    Louisiana state government in any way.
    Business owners are encouraged to view their annual report renewals through the geauxBiz
    portal or contact the Department of State’s Commercial Division for more information at
    225.925.4704 or commercial@sos.la.gov.
    Additionally, Secretary Ardoin reminds owners to subscribe to the department’s commercial
    email notification system aimed at protecting businesses from fraud and identity theft.
    Anyone can sign up for the system which generates messages regarding changes to
    commercial entities, non-governmental correspondence, office closures and most
    importantly, warnings involving possible fraudulent activity.
    Subscriptions to the system are complimentary and voluntary, individuals are able to easily
    register via the website while viewing a corporation record. Once subscribed under the
    specified entity, notifications will be sent if any changes are made to the company. In
    addition, the system will generate a message if an annual report is not filed on time; a
    business is not in good standing; or a business is revoked. Subscribers can also opt to receive
    messages via text.

  56. Ray says:

    Why hasn’t anyone shut this scam down???

    • Daniel Payne says:

      Ray, great question. What CPS does is morally wrong and deceptive, however it must be just shy of a crime. I encourage you to contact your state Attorney General’s office to file a complaint, every request brings more legal pressure to ban CPS for good.

  57. JS says:

    Well, they are still at it here in California. Thought it looked suspicious so looked up reply address. Your link came up.
    Thank you, Daniel, for your web page! Will definitely be contacting CA Attorney General’s office.

  58. Donna says:

    Hi Daniel, thank you so much for exposing this group as scammers. It’s scary because they have my home address as I am new to having an llc an presently only have a website. Here is the address I received to send the money to: 5614 Connecticut Ave. NW, PMB 190, Washington DC 20015. This location is a post mail box at a UPS store. So sad!

  59. Marta Bulaich says:

    Just got one for California LLC requesting $120 and talking about a $250 late fee.

    1026 Florin Road #312
    Sacramento, CA 95831

    Thanks, Daniel for the advice. I’m contacting Attorney General as well.

  60. Rosemary says:

    Just received out CPS letter today 7/30/20. Wants us to pay $160. It states right in the letter CPS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY AND DOES NOT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY TO PROVIDE THIS SERVICE.
    When I read that, I knew something was not right. I hope a lot of ppl see your site b4 mailing in a check. So many must have gotten scammed for this company to remain in business.

  61. Lynne says:

    Yeah – SO SHADY! I wish they would shut them down. The UPS store is facilitating this as well. I called them and they had no interest at all in what these people are doing from their store. 🙁

  62. Lynne says:

    Looks like they are doing this in every state and using PO boxes from UPS stores to facilitate the scam. Horrible.

  63. Anika says:

    Can’t we sue them? As a PLA? This is complete harassment! I just got the letter today and its so ‘formal’ looking that it took me a while to realize that it is a fraud

    • Daniel Payne says:

      Anika, great question, although CPS Filings may have just approached the line of what is still legal, but highly immoral at the least.

      • Anika says:

        Well…it took me at least 15 minutes to find out that it is not an official mail/form.

        We should collectively file for fraud/misrepresentation.

        This is ridiculous how they can do this. Again, just a thought. If you look at the last few years, its consumers like us who have brought firms like this to action.

  64. Mary Riechers says:

    NY here. So glad I had the sense to look this up. Will report CPS to FTC and Better Business Bureau! We all have enough to deal with now and this scam is immoral to say the least. You can bet I’m going to support the Post Office and use a stamp to send it back with some kitty litter in the envelope!

  65. Lynne says:

    LOLOL – yes kitty litter infused with glitter!

  66. Daniell says:

    so glad that I second guessed this and didn’t pay it! I just got another bill for my annual report from the state of NJ and I was so confused. Different amount due and different due date. So I started looking into it and it led me here. My question is, how does this letter from CPS have my personal information like when my LLC was formed if it’s not legit??

  67. Lynne says:

    It’s all public information. Sadly when told about it, they do nothing to prevent it from happening again.

  68. Janice Christensen says:

    Just got a similar notification for the state of Colorado from this exact same address, but they changed the name of the company to B.C.S. Don’t know what that stands for, but it’s the same scam. They want $110 to file paperwork. They have the decency to include fine print that says, “The State of Colorado periodic report can be filed directly through the state for the statutory $10 fee.” That’s what we’ve always done in the past, so I was tipped off right away. Clever, though!

  69. Mike says:

    I also live in Colorado and just received the same scam from B.C.S.
    They can change the name forever from CPS to BCS to DCS, unless someone stops them from doing it.

  70. Elizabeth P Blankenhorn says:

    AND they are STILL at it – with a NJ address but still the same CPS, same claim that I should file (again – I just completed a payment using another one of these agencies in June). Cannot believe the BB has done nothing about it – I filed a complaint.

  71. MARK CUPRYK says:

    I just got the same letter as Judy. I started to fill it out then realized it did not makes sense to have this type of company. Thankful for the internet.
    Scammer address is C.P.S. 5868 E. 71st Streetm Suite E # 109, Indianapolis, IN, 46220

  72. lisa says:

    we receive one today asking for $160- its looked so offical…be careful. cps trenton nj

  73. G Ayala says:

    Thank you . Glad I saw this from you guys …. yes I was asked to pay 120.00 or 250.00 late fee would apply . Yes their return address is. CPS/ 1026 Florin Road #312 Sacramento Ca 95831

    How Ca we report this thugs???

  74. hank susumu says:

    I got a letter much earlier than my annual report date.
    I just wonder how they guys obtain my contact info and who disclose it to them.

  75. Linda says:

    I just received a very similar solicitation from “BCS,” same UPS address. I’m in Colorado, where my annual LLC fee is $10; they wanted $110! Glad I got suspicious and checked it out. I reported it to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. (As if they don’t have enough to do with the election coming up!)

  76. Konrad says:

    I received a similar scam in CO. They are calling themselves BCS this time. I have an LLC and my state requires like $10 a year. They are asking for $110. Call your state, this is a scam. They are also using the address: 5614 Connecticut Ave. NW #190, Washington DC 20015, which is a UPS store.

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Each morning as I start my work routine the first thing that I do is read the Inbox of my email to see which messages require my attention for the day. Today I received two new email scams that at first blush looked almost legitimate.

Domain Abuse Notice

That email subject caught my attention, because the last thing that I want is a web site that is infected by something malicious, so here’s what the entire email looked like:

domain abuse notice

The English grammar looked OK, however the first clue that this was a phishing scam was their request for me to download something by clicking a link. Any legitimate email would instead be coming from my web hosting provider, and they would have specific details like:

This email is from a domain name called domaincop.net, and when you browse that site something comes up in Arabic letters, so this is not legitimate at all, you may safely delete this particular email.

Email Abuse Report

Ironically this second spam email has almost the identical type of subject line as the first email with a colon and a web site address in it:

email abuse report

The link in the Click Here is for a domain at abusemonitor247.com, which is just another junk content web site. Also notice the international phone number area code. Just like the first email scam notice this one has no customer details:

So the moral of this story is beware of warning email messages that prompt you to click or download a report without any account details. Be smart, be safe.

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One response to “Two New Email Scams to Avoid”

  1. Christine says:

    Thank you for the information.
    I got the 2 emails today and was just a bit suspicious.
    They almost look real so I was worried.

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Spotting Email Phishing Scams

I receive at least a dozen bogus emails per week that are phishing scams designed by thieves to steal my identity. Here’s one that came in today:


Here are ways that I quickly determine that this is a scam:

  1. The To: field is blank. My real credit card company knows my full name and would display it in the To: field.
  2. The bogus link is not the address of Chase.
  3. When I hover my mouse over the link I can see that the real address is something totally different than what Chase uses.
  4. The formatting of this email is using Times New Roman font, which is not how an official email from Chase would look.

Hopefully you will be better able to spot the bogus emails from legitimate emails and keep your online identity safer.


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