Written: July 11, 2019

Beware of Mail from CPS Filings

I’m busy running my LLC each day, probably like you, and I get to open my mail to find out if there are any new bills. Well, one just caught my eye addressed from C.P.S. in Salem. Hmm, I know that Salem is our State Capital and that my annual LLC report is due, but that isn’t until September.

This bogus letter requests that I pay C.P.S. $185.00 to file my annual $100.00 report. Their web site address is listed as www.cps-filings.com, so what did I browse at their site?


OK, so now I’m 100% certain that this is yet another bogus company trying to collect a fee for something that I already do by myself and for a lot less. Rest In Peace to C.P.S or whoever is scamming at 2755 Commercial St. SE, Ste. 101-260.

It pays to be alert and question when a new mail requests something fishy, because it probably is fishy.

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  2. Judy Cummins says:

    In Indiana, the filing fee is $30.00. I received an offer from them to handle it for $125.00. I also googled the address and it is a UPS Store in Indianapolis. Suite E#109 my ass. I think I will utilize their return envelope and send them…nothing. Wish it was postage paid.

  3. Kathy Sims says:

    I got the same letter where they had our old Executive Director name and an old address. The letter said if we didn’t timely file and send a check for $120 today we could be fined a $250 late fees. Now I read everything I get and having done statements of information before for my church I knew right away it was a scam I also googled the address and it is a ups store, what these scammers are trying to get more clever in getting money from people.

  4. TedF says:

    Yep, in CA, too — C.P.S.
    Looks like they sent a copy of a prior statement of information I already filed with the SOS, and they’ve asked me to sign it and send a check for $120. It’s usually $20… or I think now it’s even free when you do it online.

  5. Steven Kaplan says:

    Same s@#t just happened to me:$160 requested for filing which is due much later in the year. (The scammers suggest 8/23 as a dead line.) I googled them up, turns out CPS stands for Children Protective Services only.How legal are they?

  6. Dacy says:

    Thank you for posting the warnings. I also just received the Statement from them asking to sign and pay $120 for filing the Statement of Information , which is due on next year February. It usually costs $ 20. Yes , and they are threatening with $ 250 late fee :).
    The return address shows CPS Filing Services 1026 Florin Road 312 , Sacramento.

  7. Jessica says:

    I just got the same thing from cps-filings.com Told me I had to pay $120 now or $250 later in late fees. No real valid website so I questioned it. Thanks everyone for your comments! Makes me sure that this is scam material.

  8. Renee says:

    I just received a notice from them stating I owed $125 by 9/20/19. Weird thing is, it was sent to my home address and not the PO Box where the biz mail is sent. Also the fee is more than $100 more than is actually due. SCAM!


    I got the same letter from CPS Filing Services with a 4348 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816 address asking me to pay $125.00. How can this be stopped?

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Two New Email Scams to Avoid

Each morning as I start my work routine the first thing that I do is read the Inbox of my email to see which messages require my attention for the day. Today I received two new email scams that at first blush looked almost legitimate.

Domain Abuse Notice

That email subject caught my attention, because the last thing that I want is a web site that is infected by something malicious, so here’s what the entire email looked like:

domain abuse notice

The English grammar looked OK, however the first clue that this was a phishing scam was their request for me to download something by clicking a link. Any legitimate email would instead be coming from my web hosting provider, and they would have specific details like:

This email is from a domain name called domaincop.net, and when you browse that site something comes up in Arabic letters, so this is not legitimate at all, you may safely delete this particular email.

Email Abuse Report

Ironically this second spam email has almost the identical type of subject line as the first email with a colon and a web site address in it:

email abuse report

The link in the Click Here is for a domain at abusemonitor247.com, which is just another junk content web site. Also notice the international phone number area code. Just like the first email scam notice this one has no customer details:

So the moral of this story is beware of warning email messages that prompt you to click or download a report without any account details. Be smart, be safe.

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One response to “Two New Email Scams to Avoid”

  1. Christine says:

    Thank you for the information.
    I got the 2 emails today and was just a bit suspicious.
    They almost look real so I was worried.

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Spotting Email Phishing Scams

I receive at least a dozen bogus emails per week that are phishing scams designed by thieves to steal my identity. Here’s one that came in today:


Here are ways that I quickly determine that this is a scam:

  1. The To: field is blank. My real credit card company knows my full name and would display it in the To: field.
  2. The bogus link is not the address of Chase.
  3. When I hover my mouse over the link I can see that the real address is something totally different than what Chase uses.
  4. The formatting of this email is using Times New Roman font, which is not how an official email from Chase would look.

Hopefully you will be better able to spot the bogus emails from legitimate emails and keep your online identity safer.


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