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Phishing Email

AT&T Breach followed by a Phishing Scam

It’s been widely reported in the past week that AT&T had a data breach involving some 7 million customers, both present and past. I left AT&T years ago for Mint Mobile, which has saved me hundreds of dollars per month on my mobile phones in the home and business. Today I just received the following official looking email, purportedly from AT&T and it looks legitimate at first glance with the logo, English grammar and blue colors.

AT&T Phishing
AT&T Phishing email

The subject line was suspicious, because it used three random numbers. Next, I noticed that the email started out with Dear Customer, instead of my full name – Daniel Payne. Finally, when I clicked on the From address it was totally fake:

Even the button they wanted me to click for Sign In went to a fake web site, not

Remain suspicious, and double check email messages for these positive signs of authenticity:

  • Subject lines that make sense, not with random numbers
  • From address that has, not a phishing address like
  • Includes my First and Last name, not Dear Customer
  • Includes my account number
  • Hyperlinks on buttons that direct to, not

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