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That’s not really McAfee

McAfee is a trusted software vendor in the security area that is well known and respected. Today I received an email that was a phishing attempt aimed at making me think that I was dealing with McAfee. The clues that revealed that this was a phishing email were:

  • From name: Pam Harkabus, a corporation doesn’t send from personal accounts
  • From email:, a legitimated email is from
  • Introduction: Payne Daniel, they got the first name and last name order reversed
  • No corporate logo used
  • No link used for order confirmation

Most email phishing schemes compel the viewer to click a link to a fake site, however this scam directs us to pick up the phone and call their number where the scammer will try to pry private information from you, like actual account login details or credit card numbers.

Be vigilant, and check all received email messages for the From address, From email, English grammar and use of corporate logos. If you spot any of the telltale signs of a phishing scam, then delete the email and continue on your day knowing that you didn’t get fooled.

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