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Anna Lancaster Fine Art

Anna Lancaster Fine Art

I met Anna back in 2018 and she does some gorgeous oil paintings that cover a span of subjects, like: Land, Water, Boats, Cars, Bridges, Faces, Still Life and Exhibits. She wanted to change how her artwork was presented in galleries that were attractive and easy to scroll on the desktop or mobile devices. I previewed some related art sites to get a fell for what she wanted to change, and learned that she also wanted to make updates to the images over time. WordPress was recommended, because of how quickly anyone, even an artist, can upload a photo, give it a title, and place it in a gallery for the world to enjoy, and hopefully buy.’

The home page has a neutral background color, which then allows the oil painting images to really pop out in high contrast. We choose eight images to display in a slide show, then displayed eight smaller thumbnails for each category.

Anna Lancaster Fine Art
Home page

Each gallery page has dozens to over a hundred images that can be quickly scrolled, until you find something that catches your eye.

Anna Lancaster - gallery
Gallery Page

Clicking on any gallery image then brings up a large image, with even more info about it, and tells if Available for purchase:

Anna Lancaster - oil painting
This painting is Available to purchase

Blog posts inform the visitor about awards and competitions that Anna has entered.

Blog post

To show your art work off in the best possible light, give me a call and let’s talk about what you have in mind.

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