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BestBuy – Room for Improvement

I am a geek and therefore spend time in stores like BestBuy, both in person and online. Tonight I wanted to check if they had any new iPad Air tablets in stock at my local Tualatin store, so I visited, and looked for the Tualatin store in zip code 97062:

Best Buy - Tualatin


I phoned the 888 area code and reached a person that knew nothing about my Tualatin store. Hmmm, is redirecting me to a support center that cannot help me, now that doesn’t sound friendly to me.

Being resourceful I just did a Google search for “Best Buy Tualatin”, and sure enough located the local 503 phone number where they could answer my question in under a minute:

Best Buy - 503


The moral of the story is to only provide a local phone number on your web site, even if you are a nationwide company like Best Buy, because loyal customers like me just want our questions answered at the store of our choice. Don’t make your customers call a support center that cannot answer a local question.

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