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Integrating your Web Site, Blog and Facebook

There are so many ways that a client or prospect will discover your business, become aware, get interested, then finally decided to take action and phone or email you. If you communicate with a web site, blog and Facebook, then consider integrating all three to maximize your marketing impact.

Let’s take a look at what Nancy Emerson did with her surfing business. Her web site is and at the top we added icons and links to both Twitter and Facebook:

Next, we actually embed a Facebook badge on the Home page, so that web visitors can see what’s being shared on Facebook:

Finally, on the Home page we embed her top four blog Posts:

We built Nancy’s web site with WordPress which has excellent support for blogging, so there’s a menu called Blog where you can read the most recent blog posts or search for words in any blog.


In Facebook you can install a free app that will automatically publish your Blog post on your Facebook page, this allows you two write the blog once then have it appear both on your web site and on Facebook. There are many Facebook apps that do this: RSS Graffiti, Social RSS.

Facebook update


You can even have your blog posts automatically Tweet using a free site called TwitterFeed.

I do the same thing on my web site, where I can write one blog post then have it show up on my:

  • Web Site
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The more ways that a client or prospect can read about your business, the better it is for your business.

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