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Keeping Your Software Updated

It’s a best business practice to keep all of your software updated and at the latest release, because you get bugs fixed, better security and often receive new features. There are many times that I have to update software:

  • Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera)
  • Financial (Quicken)
  • Fitness (Garmin Connect)
  • Mobile (Android apps, iOS apps)
  • Cloud apps (WordPress, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes)

Just today my financial app Quicken 2015 running in Windows 10 requested to be updated to release 10, so I obliged:

Notice how in that final screen Quicken nagged me to upgrade from the 2015 to 2016 version, but at a price, so I declined. When financial software like Quicken is working OK at version 2015 release 10, I delay paying them extra money for version 2016 just because the app does everything that I want in version 2015. Use your own best judgement about having to pay for yearly releases of apps, however if you are offered a free release upgrade then do so.

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  1. Perfect Dashboard

    Even if you think your site has anything worth being hacked for, it could be hacked. This is why we all should keep our sites updated to the latest CMS version. Maintaing websites may be tedious, but need.

  2. Daniel Payne

    Well said, I use WordPress as a CMS and it is updated several times per year adding new security measures to keep our web sites safer from the relentless attacks to login or inject malicious code.

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