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Let’s Go Surfing

One of my favorite web clients is surfer Nancy Emerson, and she teaches people how to surf in Hawaii, Australia and Fiji. Her newly remodeled web site is filled with gorgeous photos of sunny days, something that helps me muddle through a rainy Oregon spring time. The Home page features wide photos that rotate automatically, helping to tell the surfing story.


The theme for this web site also makes uses of columns and rows, almost like a newspaper or magazine, and that is something that helps to organize ideas and force the eye along a set path. Finally, most pages contain real testimonials from happy clients. A strong marketing principle is to let your customers sing your praise, instead of you telling everyone how great you are.

We had converted Nancy’s original site into WordPress a year ago, so doing this remodel meant that we had to update WordPress themes. The beauty of WordPress is that you can update your look, or Theme as often as you like. Visitors enjoy a visual change every year or so, almost like how the automobile industry comes out with new body styles and colors on an annual basis. Change catches our attention.


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