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Managing Facebook for Your Business

I use Facebook every day for both personal and business use, and recently saw something odd on a business page that I manage for the Tualatin VFW. It turns out that visitors can use Facebook to check-in to your business from a mobile device when GPS is turned on, and that is exactly what a visitor did, they checked-in at the Tualatin VFW and left a link to a YouTube video. Somehow, when you clicked that YouTube video link it redirected me to a pornographic web page instead. Big surprise.

Tualatin VFW on Facebook


As an Admin for that Facebook page I was shocked to find such an offensive link, and then went back into Facebook, located the offensive check-in with link, clicked in the upper-right hand corner and selected: Report post

Report Post on Facebook


Within several hours of reporting this offensive post with link, I did receive confirmation from Facebook that they have indeed removed that post from our Page:

Facebook reply after removing an offensive post


The final confirmation from Facebook was a notification of what happened, and their action to remove the offensive post:

Facebook confirmation

If you ever see a Post show up on your Facebook Page and it is offensive, or contains a link to offensive content, then please go ahead and report that post so that Facebook will remove it. The last thing that you want is for visitors to your Facebook Page to be offended.

This is kind of a rare occurrence because this is the first time it’s happened to me after using Facebook Pages for years. It may be that this person who posted the offensive link had his Facebook account hacked, and that the thieves were really at fault here. In either case I have acted quickly to remove the offensive content.

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