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Millions of Choices

TCT West is a telecom company in Montana and Wyoming that wanted to offer a way for customers to visit their site and choose services like:

  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Television
  • Security

The challenge was that TCT West serves 61 cities, and the pricing, packaging and options change for each city. Furthermore, each service has optional add-ons. In summary, there are literally millions of choices possible, so how do you make that intuitive to the customer trying to order a single service, multiple services, or even a pre-packaged bundle of services?

We started out the design by making it very simple with a single choice: Residential or Business

Bundle Builder


Once you choose by clicking, then a new choice appears dynamically prompting for your City location:



Clicking in this field brings up a City picker:

City Picker


Based upon what you just clicked in the City Picker, you next see only the packages and services designed for your specific city:

a la cart items


As you choose an Internet service then the add-ons appear dynamically:

Internet Add Ons


As you choose each service then the shopping cart populates instantly and shows if you have any discount:

Shopping Cart


Clicking the Checkout button brings you to a summary page where you see all the details of your order:

confirm your order


There you have it, this is how we simplified the process of having millions of choices by offering dynamic content based upon customer choices, one step at a time.

This project was developed in WordPress, see what the back-end looks like in another blog.

For the technically inclined reader, this project used the powerful jQuery library.

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