Plaxo Woes

I love using Plaxo and at first all it did was notify others when my email or contact information had just changed. Over the years it has expanded to offer Outlook-sync, profile, user groups, Facebook link, blog link, surveys, etc.
In May 2008 when my laptop was stolen I suddenly realized that all of my contacts and calendar were now gone. Thanks to Plaxo I was able to login with my new laptop and simply sync to import all of my contacts and calendar, very helpful for a free service.
A few years ago I started a group called and grew the membership to 200+ people. It worked great, I could quickly communicate with this group on Plaxo and invite more people to join us.
Suddenly about one week ago when I logged into Plaxo I had no more groups and was simply gone.
I’ve followed up by email with the folks at Plaxo however they haven’t fixed anything yet.
Ironically when I try and create a new group called the system tells me, “That name is already in use.”

My frustration is mounting however I have to remind myself that this is yet another free service. It’s not perfect, so just go with it until they fix it.

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