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Android is correct on 3mph winds.

Talking To Your Phone or Tablet

Our tablets and smart phones have this nifty feature known as “voice input”, so on an Apple device it’s called Siri and Android hasn’t really given it a marketing name. Just today I was interested in the weather, so I asked both my Android phone and iPad tablet the same question, “What is the weather like right now?”

The good news is that both devices understood exactly what I asked for and presented me answers within a few seconds:

The bad news is that Apple’s weather answer was wrong, because it stated, “It seems to be a bit windy out there”. I wouldn’t consider 3mph to be windy.

Another thing that I use voice input for is when I want to respond to a Text Message. It is much quicker to use voice input instead of hunting and pecking on the tiny virtual keyboard of a smart phone.

Enjoy using voice input on your phone and tablet devices, it works and will save you time.


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