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That isn’t Dropbox

This morning in my email was an official looking message from Dropbox stating, “You have a new document sent to you via Dropbox due to the large size of the file.

Dropbox email message
Email message

So the grammar looked OK, the Dropbox logo was included, a pleasant line border made it look pretty, but still there were a few things odd about the message that caught my attention:

  • The subject line wasn’t descriptive enough, “-Documents”
  • The closing line had no personal name just, “Dropbox Team”

The clincher that this was a phishing scam and not to be trusted were two points:

  • The From line contained,
  • The PDF link went to some non-Dropbox site
From address
From Address
from address
PDF link

So please don’t trust every email that you receive from Dropbox, do a little detective work like checking the From address and the PDF link, along with trusting the Subject line. Don’t be fooled by these latest phishing scams because they want you to download an attached file that is either going to infect your computer or direct you to some shady web site.

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