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Tualatin Library Foundation

Donna volunteers with the Tualatin Library Foundation and we met tonight along with Wayne and Hamish to have a tutoring session on how they could update their own website. Each person brought a laptop, signed into their WordPress site, and then the group learned how to:

  • Add photos to their pages
  • Update previous blog posts
  • Give a photographer caption credit for her work
  • Add a new page for the annual event of wine tasting, music and food
  • Add a new page to the menu, and choose the placement
  • Accept online payments using PayPal
  • Add new users
  • Update to the latest version of WordPress
  • Update plugins
  • Brand the PayPal checkout page with the association logo
  • Add links to partner pages
  • Edit photos by cropping and resizing

It was a very productive working session and now they have the confidence and experience to grow their web site and reach their audience effectively using the web.

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