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AR Engineering

Andy Finkbeiner loves muscle cars, so he started a part-time business machining and selling specialized parts for these old cars. Instead of selling directly to consumers, he opted to sell only through dealers, so his website displays all of his parts and then a link to contact the dealers.

The Home page has 15 product categories arranged by popularity:

AR Engineering
Home Page

Clicking on a category like Alternator Kits brings you to a list with both images and descriptions:

Alternator Kits

Choosing an alternator kit brings up all of the details and images, along with links to the Dealers that will sell you that part.

Product details

Each thumbnail image expands in a light box, showing you greater detail:

Greater product details

The Search feature is a quick way to find just the products you want, without having to click or browse anything:

Search for Denso

I grew up in the era of muscle cars in the 60s and 70s, so let me know if your part-time hobby is turning into a business and I can get your website to show and act just how you want it to.

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