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Fidelity National Title - Portland

Fidelity National Title – Portland

I’ve know the professionals at Fidelity National Title in Portland since 2014, and our first web project was to redesign the Home page, and customize both the Header and Footer on all pages. There simply was no template Theme off the shelf that would accomplish what they wanted their web site to look like, so this meant customization of the layout and coding to get a dynamic stock quote in the header. Their new Home page required:

  • Live stock feed in the upper-right corner
  • Slideshow
  • Two columns of text
  • Youtube intro video
  • Corporate tag line in the footer

Here’s the end result of these goals:

Home page

After the remodel was completed, there have been special web projects, like offering Holiday Labels to clients through a customized form:

Other web support tasks have been:

  • Domain name registry and setting web host DNS records
  • Fitting iframe content into a page without requiring any scrolling
  • Updating where forms send email messages to
  • Updating hyperlinks as outbound sites change page names
  • Updating license keys for premium WordPress Plugins
  • Updating MX records to make email work again
  • Removing malware
  • Forwarding domain names to new sites
  • Replacing YouTube videos with new content
  • Choosing the best value for an SSL certificate, ensuring secure encrypted pages
  • Adding Google Analytics tracking to all pages
  • Adding new WordPress plugins
  • Replacing the corporate logo
  • Removing un-used WordPress themes
  • Updating new addresses on a Google Maps page
  • Replacing a broken RSS feed with a relevant, reliable feed

I’m happy to help a client liked Fidelity Portland for seven years, because they in turn refer new web clients to me.

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