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A Reunion Web Site

I graduated high school in 1975 and recently connected with former classmates on Facebook, and that’s when I learned about our 40th reunion planned for this Fall, back in Minnesota. First off I helped setup a group on Facebook for our reunion, then I set about to create a web site based on some requirements from the volunteers organizing the reunion. I decided to used the Free version of WordPress and selected an appropriate web name of where SLP stands for: St. Louis Park.

slp home page

Some of the features of the reunion site are:

  • Responsive web theme for browsing on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices
  • RSVP – form to ask alumni to attend, sends an email to organizer
  • Facebook Group icon and link, where social interaction is encouraged
  • Count down until the reunion date
  • Google Map to our meeting location
  • About – give credit to the volunteers
  • Memorial – remember those who are dead
  • Who’s Coming – a simple list, or maybe embed a Google Doc
  • News – blog posts
  • Contact – another form that sends email to an organizer
  • No annual fees – using

The RSVP page uses a contact form built with the JetPack form builder:

RSVP page Form Builder


Our Contact page is similar to the RSVP page in that both use the JetPack form builder:

Contact page Contact - form builder


Our theme choice is called Chateau, and it has a very simple set of options:

Chateau theme options


Six widgets fill out the right sidebar:

  SLP sidebarSLP - sidebar

The Home page and Blog pages are defined in WordPress at: Settings> Reading

reading settings


Well, there you have it, in just a few hours I’ve built up a reunion web site for my 40th reunion, making the site attractive, functional and free (except for my time).

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