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Dr. Lu Acupuncture

I’ve known Dr. Lu for over a decade now, and it was time to update his site to be responsive, so that clients and prospects would have the best browsing experience on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices. I also changed his layout to include two columns in the main content area, while having a four column footer section. His logo has shades of blue, so the link colors also use the logo color to create visual harmony.

Below the fold on the Home page there’s the four column footer section.

Four column footer

His business has three locations, so we embedded Google Maps for the easiest browsing experience:

The mobile browsing experience is clean and intuitive with phone links that auto-dial for you, and breadcrumb navigation so that you always know where you are on the site.

Give me a call if you want your web site remodeled to work well on all devices, and look like it was designed in 2021, not 2011.

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