Written: December 28, 2016

Apple Phishing Scam

I do own a few Apple products in my business:

So today when I received the following email it looked legitimate:

Apple ID

Apple ID

The first clue that this email may not be officially from Apple was that it started with Dear Customer, instead of using my first and last name. I next clicked on the From field in the email to see who actually sent the message:

spoof email

spoof email

OK, so now I knew that this wasn’t an official Apple email because the From address didn’t contain apple.com in it’s name. Furthermore, when I hover over the link for Learn More the address was revealing:

Phishing URL

Phishing URL

This is the hacker’s phishing address, not an actual apple.com address.

Even when an email comes from a big name like Apple, do a little checking before clicking any hyperlink, just to ensure your safety and not fall victim to a phishing scheme that is trying to steal your Apple ID and password.

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