Hackers Phishing for LogMeIn Credentials

Hackers Phishing for LogMeIn Credentials

It’s Monday morning, so time to get caught up on my emails for the day. Ah, here’s one from a company that I’ve used before: LogMeIn. They have a neat service to allow remote control of computers, quite the time saver so that I don’t have to hop into my car and drive over to a client location and see what is going on with their computer while browsing a web site that I’ve built.


The actual email looked a bit suspicious to me at first.

Phishing LogMeIn

What caught my eye first was that there was no corporate logo in the email, or a footer with the typical security language.

Secondly, there was no personal information like my complete first and last name or my account number.

The final determination that this email was a hacking using a phishing scheme was the actual hyperlinks, as I mouse over the hyperlinks they go to some hacked web site in Japan, not logmein.com in any way:

Hacker URL

So there you have it, to ensure that an email from a vendor is legitimate look for these good signs:

  • You full name, first and last
  • An account number
  • A corporate logo
  • Security language in the footer of the email
  • Links that go to the trusted web site

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