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RightTrack device

Automobile Monitoring with RightTrack, Epic Fail

I recently compared automobile insurance prices and found out that Liberty Mutual offered me a 40% savings advantage over my current coverage, so I switched companies and then heard about a high-tech program that they offered called RightTrack where a small device is placed in my car then linked to my smart phone with an App to monitor driving patterns like:

  • Mileage
  • Time of day driving
  • Acceleration

Two devices arrived in the mail and I easily installed them on the windshield of our cars. Next up was to download the App and pair with the devices, which worked out OK.

RightTrack device
RightTrack device

I also asked my wife to install the App, however when she opened the App it began to constantly crash on her phone, then I noticed that when I opened the App it was also crashing on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone:

App Crashes

I phoned tech support about this and they had me un-install then re-install, but to no avail after 60 minutes of efforts.

Today I received an updated version of the RightTrack app, however it fails to find my Location Services, which are turned on:

Version 2.40.52 Fails
Version 2.40.52 Fails

My oldest son just signed up for auto insurance with Progressive, which also offers a monitoring device in cars to provide feedback to the insurance company on how you drive, and thankfully his experience had no drama, it simply worked out of the box as advertised.


I’m loving the lower auto insurance rate provided by Liberty Mutual, however their RightTrack app is a total failure. If you look at the app on the Google Play store it has the worst rating of only 1.5 stars. This is a huge embarrassment for Liberty Mutual, but I have low expectations on them actually fixing the App because it has been broken for about one year new. It’s really too bad, because the folks at Progressive have already figured out this type of monitoring system, so it’s not like Liberty Mutual or RightTrack are breaking any new technology ground here.

You would assume that a large company like Liberty Mutual would require that their technology vendors like RightTrack would actually test out their App before releasing it to the public, but somehow that didn’t happen here.

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  1. Daniel Payne

    Update, good news, the latest version of RightTrack 2.40.53 started to work on our three Android phones, so now each drive that we take with the two cars are being analyzed and reported OK.

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