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Charles Schwab, Epic Fail

I’ve been doing business with Charles Schwab as my IRA account for many years now, and they’ve done a fantastic job, until now. I wanted to make a transfer from Charles Schwab to my bank account, so on Thursday I sold a security, kind of expecting to have the cash ready to transfer on Friday, maybe Saturday the latest. To my complete shock the funds are not ready to transfer until Tuesday, huh?

I went online at and used their convenient Chat feature to talk with a representative about how to get the cash from the security sale ready quicker, in order to transfer it to my bank, but they only reply that he had was, “Wait until Tuesday”.

In the past when I sold a security it seemed like I could transfer the cash to my bank account much quicker. The Chat support guy couldn’t really help me to get funds ready to transfer any quicker, so after the Chat session ended I tried their online survey, however look what happened when I submitted their survey:

To those of you who are not technical, this is an error condition when a user submits a form but the web server doesn’t know what to do with the form results. In a word, epic fail.

How in the world can a trusted company like Schwab have an online survey form that cannot be submitted? It’s almost like they really don’t want to hear any feedback in their survey, what a sad state to be in.

Of course, for a small fee, I could fix their broken online survey system in under an hour. Let’s hope that Schwab web support can be alerted to their online survey failure and get it fixed quickly. I did leave an email message for my local Schwab advisor telling him about my sad saga, so maybe this story will have a happier ending.

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