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Data Breaches and your Digital Identity

In the past week I’ve received two email messages which have a Subject line that contains an old password used online. It was quite alarming to see my old password displayed, then I read the email which turned out to be a ransom demand. No, I didn’t pay the ransom demands in bitcoin, but I did find an interesting web site that catalogs all known data breaches, then lets you search for your email address to see if that address has been stolen during a breach along with other digital information. The site is aptly named, Have I Been Pawned.

Have i been pawned?

Here’s what comes up for my email address:

Data breaches

The first four breaches:

first four breaches

Last six breaches:

last six breaches

Of course, this free web site wants you to purchase their app called 1Password, however you can also protect your identity with strong passwords that you think up.


Since it had been several years since I last used that old password, I was basically safe from this ransom threat by email.

Most of your online accounts will send you a notification if your info has been breached, and then you can update your password as needed to stay protected from identity theft.

Stay safe out there.

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