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Event Registration with PayPal and WordPress

I belong to the Portland Metropolitan Photographers Association and we have events where members need to register and make a payment. Since the web site is built with WordPress I was able to add a new feature using PayPal for payments where members choose between three different options and quantities:

Three options for Add to Cart

When a member choose an option and quantity, clicks the Add button, they see the PayPal cart on a secure web page:

Secure PayPal cart


If they click Continue Shopping, then they are returned to the PMPA page that they started on. When they click Check Out then they can pay with Credit Card or PayPal.


Inside of WordPress they can choose where to place this new event registration using short code:


This is easy for the PMPA volunteers to add event registration to any Page, plus it’s easy for members to register, a win for everyone.

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  1. Robert Lansing

    What plug in are you using for this?
    I am trying to do event management and transactions on a non profit website, but having issues narrowing it down to the right plugin.

  2. Daniel Payne


    Good question. I wrote my own short-code in under 20 lines of code, so a Plugin was overkill.

    1. Robert Lansing

      Nice, I am still relying on plugins to do the dirty work. I wish PayPal would give a few more options as to their checkout interface. It is pretty irritating to keep getting hit up for a paypal account login info and “Bill Me Later” options. Nonetheless, nice work on this.

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