Written: June 20, 2013

Even Big Companies get Web Security Wrong

My son wanted a new bike so we found a wonderful deal at www.target.com and received the bike just fine.


When I received my new REDcard from Target I signed up to manage my account online, however their SSL security certificate was invalid, as reported by my Google Chrome browser:

bad security at target.com

Even big companies like Target have issues with their SSL certificate.

If you ever question if a site is safe, then just click the https icon and get more details:

ssl details


I then tried browsing the Target site with Safari, the default browser on a MacBook Pro, same error message as Google Chrome:

Safari Mac error

Oddly enough, two browsers had no complaints:


I did follow up and report this to Taget both by sending an email form and spending 16 minutes on the phone with tech support. Ironically the two phone support people simply told me to try another browser, in spite of my attempts to ask them to submit this serious security bug to their technical department.

One response to “Even Big Companies get Web Security Wrong”

  1. Daniel Payne says:

    Just an FYI some 6 months later and Target has yet to change how their security certificate is being issued. Lots of consumers having the same issue with Google Chrome over here: http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Credit-Cards/Target-Redcard-Login-Unsafe/td-p/3760934

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