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Even Burgerville has a bad Email day

My son and I enjoy eating at Burgerville every Saturday, after my bike ride, so I finally decided to download their App and start gaining loyalty points. I expected to start receiving emails, and sure enough Burgerville is sending out one per week. Here’s the problem though, just look at what their email message is:

Broken email from Burgerville

The good news is that Burgerville is communicating weekly by email, but the bad news is that their email is simply broken, and missing the main graphical image. Yes, I’ve contacted their customer support, so let’s see if they fix it.

I would expect that a major restaurant chain would have the practice of proofing their emails, before sending out. I’m using a MacBook Pro laptop, with the built-in Apple mail app, so pretty mainstream setup. All of my other emails have images included, no problems at all with them, just from Burgerville. Ironically, the first reply from Burgerville support was an email message that does contain images, so not every message from them is broken:

Burgerville Guest Services
Images OK in support email

When I clicked the support link it brought me to a page asking for Login, but I don’t have an account. When I tried to sign-up for an account, it told me, “email already exists”. Going back to the support page I clicked the link for Forgot Password, only to be further thwarted:

I cannot even follow up on my request for support, now that’s quite hostile and unfriendly customer support.

The moral of this story is to always test your emails before sending them out, just to make certain that all of the desired content actually shows up when received.

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