Tualatin VFW, Client Example

I’ve known Dale Potts for several years through our common networking at the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce and he invited me to join the Men’s Auxiliary for the Tualatin VFW.
In addition I’m working on a site redesign for the Tualatin VFW and here’s a sneak peek:

This site is built using WordPress to allow VFW volunteers to easily update pages, events, officers, programs, members and photos.
The WordPress theme I started with is called Revolution Code Blue 2.0 by Brian Gardner. I’ve made the following edits to customize the look I wanted:

  • Moved the left-sidebar to the left side of the layout, before it was adjacent to the right sidebar (index.php, page.php, search.php, style.css).
  • Decreased the height of the header (header.php).
  • Added the VFW logo to the header.
  • Added the phone number to the header.
  • Added vertical borders to the main content to provide some visual separation from the sidebars.
  • Installed the NextGen slideshow plugin.
  • Created a new page template for the Member Bios page that displays a Post for each using a category for “bios”.
  • Used Posts with a custom field for “date” and category of “events”. These are displayed in the right sidebar (r_sidebar.php).
  • Added Google Analytics (footer.php).
  • Customized the footer (footer.php).

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