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Grabbing Your Attention

Motion certainly does get my attention, which is why many web sites today have rotating images along with words to draw us in, tell a story, and ask us to click for more information. Such is this case with author Roland Smith, where we promote his latest books on the Home page using a rotating slideshow:

Once we get used to motion on a web page, then all other pages with no motion look kind of plain and out of touch.

I recommend starting with a slideshow on your Home page, then measure with analytics how many visitors actually click through and land on the Read More page, you may be pleasantly surprised. Another good promotional idea that Roland does is to post a blog for each new book, which then automatically updates his Facebook page status and Tweets. Write once, see everywhere, no that’s marketing automation working for you, saving you time from having to login to each social media platform and copy/paste content.

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