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Happy New 2016, Beware of an Apple ID Phishing

Welcome to 2016, and I hope that this will be your best year ever.

I just received an official-looking email from Apple with a security notice about a failed login attempt on a device in the UK:



My suspicions were alerted so I did a quick look at the email sender, which revealed:

That’s not an email address coming from the official domain name, so I was about 90% certain that this was yet another phishing scam to get me to click a link. Step two was to hover over the blue link that they wanted me to click to see what URL they wanted me to land on:

Phishing URL
Phishing URL

OK, now I was 100% certain that this was a phishing scam because the URL is pointing to, which is certainly not in any way related to the official domain name.

This email looked quite official on the surface, but digging a bit deeper on my part instead of blindly clicking the phishing link protected my identity from being stolen and abused.

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  1. S.Jones

    Got one too, but luckily hotmail doesn’t let anything through to my Inbox if the sender is not one of my contacts, so I do the hovering bit! The really irritating thing is that I’ve ploughed through the Apple site and cannot find any place to let them know this has happened (unlike PayPal for example) so I’m just deleting it via phishing scam.

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