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HP Cloud Service Has Epic Fail

HP is a trusted and giant computer company with a number one position in laptop revenue worldwide. I’ve been using their HP Photosmart printer in my office for several years now and enjoyed using the ePrintCenter.

Tonight HP sent me an email with a free offer to upgrade to HP Connected, their cloud storage. It sounded attractive so I gave it a try.

HP Connected offer

A cool-looking sign-in page appeared:

HP ConnectedI typed in my Password and clicked the big blue button, hoping for the best however the login simply failed:

HP system error

If this were an amateur web site then I could forgive the entry-level web programmer for making such a gaffe, however this is a multi-billion dollar leader in our computer industry, so I expected so much more.

Many other reliable suppliers have already provide me with free cloud storage:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Skydrive

I wish HP all the best in joining the cloud party, however they are terribly late and ended up at the wrong house tonight.

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