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When Electronic Devices Fail

My son recently bought his first MP3 player from Eclipse that is packed with useful features:

  • Plays MP3 music
  • Plays  video (Formats: WMA, AVI)
  • Stores and takes photos
  • Read e-books
  • Calendar
  • Voice recorder
  • Has a 2.8″ touch screen
  • Synchs to a Mac or PC using a USB cable

Eclipse 2.8V


He’s been visiting the library to check out music on CD, then we import the CD on my MacBook Pro to iTunes, and finally copy it over to his MP3 player with a USB cable. It worked well for a few days, then all of a sudden it would no longer connect with the USB cable.

We tried connecting his MP3 player to another computer, same failure to connect by USB. Then we tried another USB cable, that was it, the original USB cable simply failed on us. I’d like to think that products made in China are becoming higher quality, however this was another example of poor quality with, “Made in China”.

I was kind of glad that it was something simple that failed like the USB cable, instead of the actual MP3 player itself.

In our connected world we rely greatly on devices like this for both entertainment and business, so when they stop working we lose much productive time and effort.

Our family has used other devices from Apple, Amazon, HTC, Samsung and Google without any failures like this recent device. What devices have you used, and how reliable are they?

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