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LLCs, don’t fall for this scam letter from W.C.S.

My most-read blog is about a deceptive service that tries to bilk you out of money for your annual LLC license renewal, and it was from a crooked company called CPS Filings. Now, there’s another nationwide scam out there called WCS – Workplace Compliance Services, and this week they mailed me a letter requesting a fee of $185.00, but the only legitimate request for LLC license renewal is from the State of Oregon for $100.00. So W.C.S. wants to gouge you by charging $85.00 more than what the state requires.

Do not fall for the W.C.S. scam, simply throw the paper into the recycle bin.

The outfit is so shady, that they don’t even have a website, and if you dialed the 971 231 0138 number, it’s a cell phone with a recorded message on it.

We all want to run our businesses smoothly and pay our bills on time, but do not be fooled by W.C.S., they are not a government agency, so just wait for the legitimate state-sent LLC renewal letter or email.

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  1. Duane

    According to the business registration agency of the state of Michigan, W.C.S. is the dba (doing business as) of TMB Solutions LLC out of Wilmington, DE. So is CPS. The manager is named Earl Squire.

    1. Daniel Payne

      Duane, Excellent detective work about WCS and CPS being the same outfit.

  2. Dee

    I just got this letter and I didn’t remember the IRS saying I had to pay anytime so I looked. It up and the prices change a lot the want 160 plus 25 process fee. They need to be reported to the BBB .

    1. Daniel Payne

      Dee, so glad that you caught the scam in time. The BBB will not be able to do much, because CPS isn’t a member of BBB.

  3. Donna

    I just recieved the form today. Figured it was a scam but thank you for confirming my suspicion!

    1. Daniel Payne

      Donna, so glad that you caught the scam in time, keep being vigilant.

  4. Donna

    Thank you for the heads up! I’ve called UPS stores in the past when these scams want you to buy posters for businesses. Unfortunately UPS stores just rent mailboxes and don’t “go there” with renters.

  5. Renee P

    I got this letter too. It’s so deceptive. They are trying to get me to mail them $195. This should be so illegal.

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