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Avoid Scam from Domain Registry

My web hosting, email hosting, domain name and SSL certificate are all provided by one vendor,, so I know that any other vendor sending me an invoice for web services has to be a scam. Yesterday I received an official-looking Invoice from Domain Registry in the mail, and they are not a vendor that I do business with. Their invoice letter slyly has a second sentence reading, “when you switch today to Domain Registry”. Aha, they are telling the truth, in that they are tricking you to switching your domain name away from your present vendor, over to them.

They even have the gall to claim that they will save you money on your domain name registration, however they are actually gouging you by charging $75.00 per year. With a domain name costs only $1.00 for the first year, then $15.00 per year after that period. So staying with I am saving myself $60.00 per year, and Domain Registry is simply lying about saving you any money. Just don’t fall for this scam from Domain Registry, keep your domain name registered where it already is. If it isn’t broke, then don’t try and fix it.

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