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My MacBook Pro caught Alzheimer’s

I’ve used both PC and Mac computers for decades and somehow most people naively believe that the Mac is more solid and less prone to bugs in the Operating System, well folks, that simply isn’t true, yes, Macs have bugs in the OS just like Windows does. How do I know? Well, for the past few months my MacBook Pro has gradually been forgetting every username and password combination across multiple apps:

  • Apple mail
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Dreamweaver

My first response was to do a Google search and I found plenty of problems with Apple’s keychain app that mostly just hides in the background, until that is it starts to get corrupted and forgetting username and password information. The only issue was that these Google results all came from many years ago, like 2011, nothing really recent like 2018 which I had expected. Since my MacBook Pro was under warranty with Apple Care I started a Chat session and spent about 30 minutes, but to no avail.

Next, I scheduled an Appointment at my local Genius Bar for a Friday afternoon.

That same week on Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised to find an alert that macOS High Sierra was available for an update to version 10.13.4. I did the update, and presto, my MacBook Pro suddenly remembered everything that it had been forgetting. Problem solved, no need to meet with the Apple Genius Bar folks.

The moral to the story?

When your MacBook Pro starts to get Alzheimer’s, do an OS upgrade, it may just fix everything so that you can get back to work again.

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