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New Facebook Timeline = Google+

I try just about every social media at least for a week or so, just to see how it feels and to learn something new every day. Well, today Facebook launched a new timeline and instantly I had deja vu, because I’ve already been using Google+ and it appears that Facebook copied the Google+ look. Enough talk, here’s a comparison and you can decide:


The similarities:

  • Navigation icons on the left hand side
  • Larger images to create emphasis
  • Selectable groups across the top


“Imitation is a kind of artless flattery.”

Joseph Addison, 1776

From a user perspective I find that more of my high-tech, geeky, Google-loving friends and professionals are attracted to Google+. My personal friends and family tend to be using Facebook. There you have it, both social media channels will continue to grow, innovate, imitate, and on occasion innovate.

If you want a visual treat, then give Google+ a try on your iPad or Android tablet, it is gorgeous with how the images are positioned on the display.

iPad version of Google+
iPad version of Google+

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