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Phishing, not from the real Mailjet

I setup a free Mailjet account years ago, just so I could do some testing, and today when an email appeared from Mailjet with a link to an invoice, it had my full attention.

Looks official

The logo looked official, but the subject line simply didn’t make sense: Invoice #576779 Updated

A closer examination of the email contents didn’t have my First and Last name, or an account number, so I knew it was probably a phishing scam. To be 100% of this scam I needed to hover my cursor over the hyperlink:

Phishing hyperlink

That hyperlink has nothing to do with, so that was the final clue that this email was yet another scam.

Another give away that this was a scam, was the From email address:


Be vigilant when you receive an email, looking for these signs of authenticity:

  • Subject line that makes sense
  • From address that is authentic
  • First and Last Name being used
  • Account number listed and correct
  • All hyperlinks are authentic, not obfuscated
  • Proper English grammar used throughout
  • Official logos and colors being used

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