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Beware of GoDaddy Phishing Scheme

Another quick alert to an email phishing scam just received today, because it actually looks pretty legitimate at first glance.


Official logo, proper phone number, but ah, that Customer ID is just my email. Scrolling down to see the rest of the email, it looks official enough.

Hovering the cursor over the Green button reveals an address not at all related to, so we know it’s a phishing scam.


Another clue that this email is not legit, is to click on the From address and look for an address with suffix:

So this phishing scam had all of the telltale signs of a fake:

  • No account number
  • No First and Last name
  • Links to outside URL, not
  • Email address not using domain

Phishing scams lure you into clicking that link in the email, then you land on a bogus page that collects your real account identity. Be smarter than the identity thieves, and double-check all email before clicking any links.

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